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Sith lords
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Current Residence: Korriban, Dxun, Onderon, Coruscant , Malachor V...
Personal Quote: "It is such a quite thing to fall, but far more terrifying is to admit it"
Hello, and Welcome!! :jedi:

:spotlight-left:The club is undertaking a massive restructuring at every level.

This club is dedicated to the machinations of the Dark Side, where we choose our own destiny, rather than have it dictated by the Jedi  Council.

The High Council is no more!! From here-on in consider it disbanded, and from its ruins a new order has risen.

Behold the Triumvirate.

:iconkionena: :iconnazafar: :iconintrogulors:

We are the Triumvirate, we rule the Sith as equals.

Nothing can stop the Darkness which is to come…..


:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:
If you wish to submit something note me and title it “submission” so I can see it.
--Note you do not have to submit anything unless you decide too! It is encouraged  so all may see you’re work!
Add us to you're watch list!
And just place our Icon in you’re journal or sig.


We have devised a rank system, which all are party to;

:bulletred: How To Join :bulletred:

Well its really simple just send a note to this account, with the title of “Can I join” or something like that. Include in the note, whether or not you wish to be a Sith, or a Clone (and include your chosen name [Clones have designations])

The rank of Battle Master is given to the Lord in control of Kamino, for it is their task to oversee the production of the Armies of the Sith.

The current Battle Master is :iconintrogulors:


:bulletred: SITH RANKS :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: Adept
   - Adept is the base rank on which you will start. In order to advance to Acolyte, you will      need to submit 5 deviations.

:bulletgreen: Acolyte
    - Acolyte’s are slightly more powerful than adepts, and in order to advance to       Apprentice, you must be chosen by a Master (or you can request a Master)

:bulletgreen: Apprentice
   - Apprentice’s answer to their Master, or Lord. In order to advance to Master, you must      serve under a Master/Lord for at least 1 month. In this time you must submit at least 2      deviations, and enter at least 1 contest.

:bulletgreen: Master
  - Upon receiving the rank of Master, you receive the title of Darth, you may take one     apprentice as you wish. You need not ask the Triumvirate’s permission when taking on     an apprentice, we only ask that you  inform us when you do take one. The advancement     to Lord is by the discretion of the Triumvirate; but to be considered as a candidate for     Lordship, you must have entered at least 2 competitions during your time with the club.

:bulletgreen: Lord
- Lord’s are assigned a Clone Legion to do with as they wish. Lord’s will also be placed as Governor’s of the planets under our control.

:bulletgreen: Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith
- This is the ultimate position of power, and held only by those on the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate Members may not take on Apprentice’s. They control a number of planet’s, and can do with these as they wish, and  each command’s a battalion of Clones.

:bulletred: CLONE RANKS :bulletred:

Clones follow a similar rank structure as Sith, Sith Lords can also enlist Adepts, Acolytes and Masters and their apprentice’s into Legions, to serve as Commanders to the Clones, but once the Sith reach the rank of Lord, they are removed from the Legion, and given their own.

Each Triumvirate Member commands a battalion of Clones, which includes the Lords and their Legions.

:bulletgreen: Trooper
   - Trooper is the base rank on which you will start. In order to advance to Lieutenant,      you will need to submit 5 deviations.

:bulletgreen: Lieutenant
    - Lieutenants have slightly more standing within the army, and in order to advance to       Captain, you must enter a competition.

:bulletgreen: Captain
   - Captain’s answer to Commanders. In order to advance to Commander, your Lord must       recommend your promotion to the Triumvirate, who will judge your readiness.

:bulletgreen: Commander
  - Commander is the final rank attainable by a Clone, they the head of their legion,     commanding all other Clones, under a Sith Lord.


:bulletred: UPDATE(S): >>>NEW UPDATE<<<

:new: Contest :new:

No one entered the last Contest, which is what has lead to this restucture.

-- Be sure to always check the planet journals for important new updates!!!!

--Also go and meet all of our new members!! Get to know them!

:bulletred: Featured Artist of the Month :bulletred:
----------- :iconwhiskers666:---------------

:bulletred: The Sith Code :bulletred:
There is no fear, there is power.
There is no death, there is immortality.
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.
I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear,
But rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destroyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life,
In the death of the light.

:bulletred: Planets :bulletred:



Kamino: darklordsofthesith.deviantart.…

Courscant: darklordsofthesith.deviantart.…

Malachor: darklordsofthesith.deviantart.…

Byss: darklordsofthesith.deviantart.…

Kalee: darklordsofthesith.deviantart.…


>:)  Members! >:) (If I'm forgetting anyone let me know)


:iconkionena: Darth Sidious, Lord of Malignity
:iconnazafar: Darth Nazafar, Lord of Discord
:iconintrogulors: Darth Introgulors, Lord of Vengeance

:bulletred: SITH :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: ADEPTS

:iconbamboleo: Beelannus
:icondracula-vs-werewolf: Maul
:iconladyvader: Lumiya
:iconiamsith: Lison:
:iconangelypoo: Ryudaen
:icondogs4meme: Kital
:iconmoon-zy: RSS
:iconjigoku-no-tora: Larceny
:iconisis69: Seth
:icondragonpud: Mirage
:iconstar-pie-: Mahki
:iconmandalorianknight: Phantom
:iconsir-balthazaar: Kaiza
:icondigitalmemories: Tabor
:iconundertakerdeadmanphe: Phenom
:iconakari-jaganashi: Eclipse
:icontrunks-lover: Emma
:iconsolid-snake-587: Vader
:icondarkwatcher-watching: Plagueious
:icondemiwolf: Void
:iconyamininja: Raven
:iconfitzgirl18: Vix
:icondarthrevan96: Revan
:icongodles-savage-garden: Tapfer
:iconironoutlaw56: Magnus
:iconvulpinevampiress: Angelis
:iconthedarknesscallsme: Rakiki
:icondestinyfall: Jeck
:iconevilnnasty129: EvilNNasty
:iconkevinthemagicalhobo: Terosis
:iconmaquaii: Maq
:iconlordzim: Mafian
:iconasgard-raven: Asgard-Raven
:iconelocinaqui: Seiriza of Lor-sait:
:iconmadgeneticist: Craye
:iconsk8r-dude: Odious
:iconn3t0x: N3t0x
:iconduh-munkeh-k1ng: Ninnyninnypoo
:icondarthzemog: Zemog
:iconegyptianraptor: Mellanie
:icongothkath: Mythra
:iconnaamah-sith: Naamah
:iconnahumreigh: Nahumreigh
:iconverdin: Caspian Darkwalker
:iconmarka-lindemann: Archensis
:iconsekhmet-neseret: Sekhmet
:iconicy-blue-rae: Sadis
:iconjohnthesilver: Crimson
:icondark-sith-vdas: Vdas
:icongothiclola: Nacht
:iconal13n: Vinter
:iconshadowlady86: Shadow
:iconstriketh: Strike
:iconignite-the-stars: Xio Jade
:iconssejllenrad2: Ssejllenrad2
:iconthedarkestalchemist: Hyuga
:iconuhohnotagain: Jamais
:iconamlin: Armiteous
:iconexterminate12: Sec
:iconcukuturko: Peng Uin
:iconenixtm: Enix
:iconblizzeon: Taegous
:icondarrekton: Darrekton
:iconspinokki:  Julia-Wan 8
:iconruledaworldart: Etra Edo

:bulletgreen: ACOLYTES :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: APPRENTICES :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: MASTERS :bulletgreen:

:iconwhiskers666: Darth Nihilus

:bulletgreen: LORDS :bulletgreen:

:jedi: DARK LORDS OF THE SITH :jedi:

:iconkionena: Darth Sidious
:iconintrogulors: Darth Introgulors
:iconnazafar: Darth Nazafar


:bulletred: CLONES :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: TROOPERS :bulletgreen:

:iconthe-flying-penguin: Clone FP-246

:bulletgreen: LIEUTENANTS :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: CAPTAINS :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: COMMANDERS :bulletgreen:


:bulletred: Affiliates :bulletred:
:iconempire-of-dreams: :iconthe-anakin-fan-club: :iconskywalkers-united: :iconstar-wars-death-star: :iconsw-kotor: :iconjediclub: :iconthejediorder: :iconkyle-katarn-fans::iconpotterwars: :iconlightdark: :icongg-x-lovers: :iconold-republic-jedi: :icongrievousxshaak::iconswkotor-the-enclave: :iconobi-wan-club: :iconlegacyoftheforce:

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